Cleaning tanks, pits and silos is a difficult task and should not be performed by untrained operatives. We offer a professional and efficient cleaning service for all clients whether industrial, commercial or domestic. Each job has its own complexities and can require a different cleaning process dependant on the size, type and location. We supply a complete range of vacuum and pressure cleaning equipment to remove all waste products including hazardous materials from any vessel. Ensure you leave this to the team at Industrial Clean SA, the high-pressure cleaning and industrial vacuuming experts.


Industrial Clean SA has a great deal of knowledge and experience in tank and pit cleaning in the industrial field. Our service incorporates high pressure cleaning or steam cleaning of internal and external surfaces of tanks, pits, water storage tanks, tunnels, drain systems, plant machinery, maintenance pits, underground services, ships, ships bilges, vessels and the removal of any waste products.

These services often require entry into confined spaces. At Industrial Clean SA, we have the experience and expertise to undertake the sometimes dangerous and difficult tasks involved with Confined Space Entry.

All our personnel are trained to Australian standards, which includes entry and working in confined spaces, atmospheric testing, rescue and standby, permit systems, recording and the logging of information to comply with the WH&S practices and guidelines.

Whatever your needs are, don’t take chances. Call us at Industrial Clean SA.